I was born at 1986, and started music at the age of 10, playing the accordion. I kept recording myself to cassettes, and became aware of my relationship with sound, and continued her life in that direction. l was accepted to Bilgi university music department with full scholarship, in order to become a sound engineer. After my second year, l was purely dedicated to composition, and worked on both electronic and acoustic compositions. In 2018, l came to Sweden for my Master’s degree in the University of Gothenburg, Academy of Music and Drama from which l graduated in 2020. My research is focused on daily life sounds and noise.


My music is performed by ensembles and musicians, such as Mimitabu trio, Nörrköping Symphony Orchestra, ÆPEX Contemporary Performance, Musica Vitae string ensemble, ensemble PLUG, HSM Improvisation ensemble, Awkas ensemble, Sledge Duo, Simon Halvarsson and many more. 



I am always curious about sounds. As a composer, I think that our professions are
inseparable from our daily lives. What l care about when l compose or record is the big blob of meaningless sounds that we encounter so many times in daily life, which we don’t care about unless we have to, and sound
groups that comes from details that give life its meaning…